Re: SCSI + Cdwriter pb

Andrew Walker (
Fri, 23 May 1997 12:56:06 +0200 (MET DST)

On Thu, 22 May 1997, Mr Aouana Mohamed (dit) Boussaad wrote:

> hi
> i've an adaptect aha-2940 BIOS v1.00 with a cdwriter PHLIPS CDD 2600,
> when i switch on the computer i've the folowing:
> << ctrl-a for scsi-select ...>>
> scsi id #4 - PHILIPS CDD-2600
> BIOS Not installed!
> on the document it says that i should have!
> BIOS installed successfully!
> is it a scsi card problem?

If I remember rightly, the Adaptec BIOS only installs itself if
it finds any hard disks that it thinks are candidates for INT13h
emulation. I wouldn't think that Linux would need the BIOS, but
I maybe missing something.

Anyway, there are some settings you could check if you absolutely
do want to get that BIOS enabled. Hit ctrl-A when it prompts you,
choose 'Configure/View Host Adapter Settings', then 'Advanced
Configuration Options'. Make sure the BIOS is enabled. Change
the 'Support Removeable Disks Under BIOS as Fixed Disks' from
the default, which I think is 'Boot Only' to 'All Disks'.

That should do the trick, although I don't think it'll achieve
very much.

> The linux recongise the cd normally, but says the drive is read-only
> even i use -o rw with the mount command...

Somebody who knows a bit more about cdrom burners will have to help you
out here. I've got a feeling you have to access the device through the
'Scsi Generic Device' driver (sg) and use a program like cdroast to
write to it. I think there's a Mini-HOWTO available on this topic. The
'sr' device driver is inherently read-only.


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