Re: initrd and NFS

Miquel van Smoorenburg (
20 May 1997 15:38:53 +0200

In article <>,
Werner Almesberger <> wrote:
>Jon Peatfield wrote:
>> If the change_root code were altered to take an already mounted
>> file-system, (rather than just a device number pushed by magic), then
>> NFSroot could be done by an initrd which mounts the filesystem (from
>> userland) and then signals the kernel to do the change.
>This is a brilliant idea that takes the initrd design exactly to the
>point where it should go. We can also get rid of plenty of odd stuff
>in /proc/sys with that.

I implemented this once around 1.3.x but noone seemed to be interested
at the time.. And it works fine, I had a one-floppy diskless workstation
with root mounted over NFS.

I overloaded chroot() I think. Hmm I don't quite remember :)

>Are there any other problems initrd users have experienced ?

Never tried initrd. If you want my patches, I can try to dig them
up.. They're old, though.


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