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Wed, 30 Apr 1997 08:41:19 -0600 (MDT)

I know this is way off topic, but it will put to end the rumors and debate
about Sun "giving" out the source to Solaris. I emailed a university
representative with sun and the following is the exact reply I got from


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Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 23:06:52 -0600
From: Bob Levy - Sun Salt Lake City Sales 801-531-3804
Cc: jhale@heracles.East.Sun.COM,
Subject: Source

Yes, you heard correctly, Source is available at no charge
if ordered with a po for other Sun equipment by Universities.
Brad Garnick at 994-7990 can discuss this and other Sun products
with you. (Information Technologies handles all orders for Sun
equipment for MSU.) What do you want ot use Solaris Source for?

Here is a copy of the Sun announcement that went out last week.
If you would like to receive other announcements, please let Brad
know and he can have you added to my e-mail bulletin distribution.

Bob Levy/Sun Microsystems/Salt Lake 801 531-3804

April 22, 1997




* Leading UNIX technology source code available at no cost -provided-
another product is on the same purchase order

* Competes with Linux strategy

* Support, upgrades, and code change sharing available for
first time




Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces repackaging and
repricing of the ScholarPAC(TM) Solaris(TM) Source Code version 2.5.1.
This product now includes both SPARC(TM) and Intel licenses as well as
the Device Developers Kit (DDK) for users to create their own special
software drivers.

Sun is making the source code for the Solaris operating environment,
the industry's leading version of UNIX(R), available free of charge --
for research and study purposes only -- to the higher education
community around the world. The source code will only be free to
customers that include another product on their purchase order to Sun.
By providing the source for "free" we will not only give university
researchers and students hands-on experience with Solaris source code,
but will help ensure that Solaris benefits from the latest innovation
and research at the world's top computer research labs.

As part of the program, Sun will institute a support and update program
to share ideas for enhancing Solaris.

All previous 2.5 and 2.5.1 versions of ScholarPAC source code are no
longer available.

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