Re: Mouse problems in [2.1.35]

Jean-Philippe Langlois (
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 18:48:09 -0400

Evan Jeffrey wrote:
> Has anyone else noted problems with mice in 2.1.35? I have two problems. I
> don't know if these are really kernel problems, but I think so because at
> least one of them happens both under gpm and X.
> First, I have a three button serial mouseman, on a 'standard' com 2. There
> is no irq or address conflict. The machine is a Cx 486/100, on a (IMO)
> lousy motherboard (which BTW doesn't even reboot correctly with reboot=bios)
> The first problem I have only noticed in X, and it is that occasionally when
> doing a VC switch back to X, the mouse stops working. Doing a VC switch to
> a text screen and back fixes the problem.
> The second problem is spurious mouse release events, both with X and GPM.
> This gets annoying when trying to make menu selections and I end up clicking
> the button underneath. I am fairly certain that this isn't just a lack of
> motor control on my part.
> I don't know how to go about determining if these are kernel or userland
> problems, especially since I can't reliably generate them, though they
> happen with relative frequency.
> Evan Jeffrey

I also have experienced some problems. Under X, the mouse seems to stop
working for several seconds every once in a while, more particularly
when I switch VCs. I run 2.1.35 SMP on dual PPro 440FX w/ 64MB ram and
EIDE drive. I can give more information if necessary.