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Ryan Shaw (ryans@rio.com)
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 11:38:35 -0700

> >i then checked the symlinks to /usr/include and then did:

> >and then i got a segmentation fault and it dumped core. keep in mind
> >that i had just compiled 2.0.27.
> >i downloaded the kernel source once again from a different site to
> >make sure that wasn't the problem. i then used strace and found out
> >that it

i've received several responses on this and it seems as if the problem
is my AMDK5 P75 CPU. i did a search of the back redhat-list archives
but didn't come up with much of anything. i then did a search via
dejanews and came up with a little more info.

two of you have suggested to either recompile gcc and tcl/tk from source
or return to the versions distributed with redhat 4.0.

i am wondering if therea re comfirmed problems with the gcc that comes
with 4.1 and the AMD K5's and also if the above mentioned fix will solve
the problem.

any ideas?