Re: need help to fix 3c905 problem, please!

Nathan Bryant (
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 14:31:19 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 24 Apr 1997, Richard Yoo wrote:

> On 01:44 PM 4/24/97 -0400, Nathan Bryant shaped the electrons to say...
> >Just my US$0.02 worth: With kernel 2.0.30 and the 0.40 driver, I'm getting
> >this problem without putting any kind of load at all on the card. I get
> >these messages as soon as the system boots and I'm unable to transmit
> >packets at all. Strangely, the card seems to work fine with kernel 2.0.29.
> Out of curiosity, does the ethernet network have lots of traffic on it?
> Your machine may not be passing packets in or out, but it's still listening
> to every packet that is transmitted on the net... and lots of traffic also
> means there's lots of collisions on that network... and from my tests with
> a ethernet switch, you can totally elminate all the time out 3c59x.c
> problems if you eliminate the collisions the 3com card "sees"...

The machine is directly connected to our lightly loaded 100mbps backbone.
I can't imagine that all these timeouts are caused by collisions; remember
that collisions are a normal occurrence on an Ethernet unless you are
dealing with a full-duplex link. For a transmit timeout to be caused by
collisions, 16 collisions and retrys have to occur. Keep in mind that
every single transmit times out with kernel 2.0.30; but things work fine
with 2.0.29. Whatever the problem is, it's not entirely hardware related.