The Hardy Boys in the case of the mysteriously dissapearing interrupt.

Reverend Neptho (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 12:09:38 +0000

It started as a day like every other, Frank and Joe Hardy were playing
happily on their Linux system, and everything was peachy... or wasnt it?

Their long time revel, Nancy "Coredump" Drew had evidently snuck her way
into their kernel, with her trusty mutt, Kenel Panic. (Feel free to

Frank was wondering what the heck happened when vt100 (a.k.a. Lee Syslog
just vomited and died a horrible death, first spewing of "",
trying to get /dirtysex.jpg from apache.... every so cautious, and trained,
Frank too a look at his system:

11:45 p4 [www] /tmp #setserial /dev/cua1
/dev/cua1, UART: 8250, Port 0x2f8, IRQ3

(Although Lee Syslog was not very good, he was cheap, $2 5 years ago, and
seemed to work fine at slower 4800/9600 bauds..)

11:46 p4 [www] /tmp #cat /proc/interrupts
0: 1959318 timer
1: 88379 keyboard
2: 0 cascade
4: 3647 + serial
5: 63533 Gravis Ultrasound
7: 7709112 + serial

Suddenly, Lee was gone! Lefty Cronjob was still active, and Sally F. Modem
slowly and painfully walked artritically through the net, but Lee was nowhere
to be found!

A quick system reboot has brought Lee out of the votex, but if you have
any information related to where Lee was, you shall be greatly rewarded
with "The Extra bullet at the Grassy Knoll", Elvis, and the contents of
Al Capone's Vault.

Many Thanks,
Captian Shawn of Prct.

(The scariest part of this is that I swear I am sober. Really)

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