Re: Modutils 2.1.34

Alessandro Suardi (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 00:12:03 +0200

Richard Henderson wrote:
> [cc: linux-kernel in hopes of some suggestions on solving the module
> path problem.]
> Jean Tourrilhes <> wrote:
> > 'depmod' creates and empty "modules.dep" file. There is no
> > error message on the output and in any of the log file. I'm willing to
> > help to try to nail down this problem, but I'm afraid that I don't
> > know were to start.

(sound of me scratching my head)

I built 2.1.35 and modutils-2.1.34. "modules.dep" looks OK.

> I'm not sure whether Marcin meant this to be a feature or not -- the
> whole syntax of the paths in the config file strikes me as odd.
> In any case, bits like
> path[fs] = /lib/modules/current/fs
> should be instead
> path[fs] = /lib/modules/current
> as it is you wind up with /lib/modules/current/fs/fs. This was
> brought to my attention recently as one area in which we appear to
> be gratuitously incompatible with the old tools.

(more scratching) /etc/modules.conf contains the three forms

I have an entirely different problem, tried loading ppp and vfat
and neither works. Back to 2.1.33 + modutils-2.1.23 for now. I'll
try next 2.1.35 rebuilt with 2.1.23 modutils.

--alessandro <> <>

Linux-i386 kernel-2.1.33 libc-5.4.23 gcc- binutils-