Re: 3c59x fails to work in 2.0.30

Nathan (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 18:26:21 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 17 Apr 1997, Jennifer Lauren Carmack wrote:

> I have a P200/32 with a 3c590 network card, IDE drives, PnP modem, and
> SB/WSS compatable sound card. The system worked fine with the 2.0.27
> kernel provided with Red Hat 4.1, but the 2.0.30 kernel I compiled with
> the same settings does not detect the network card. Is anyone
> successfully using a 3c590 with 2.0.30? Sorry if I am missing some
> information, but the computer is at work and I am at home.

Are you sure that your card is a 3c590, and not a 3c900? The 2.0.27 kernel
distributed with RedHat 4.1 includes an updated version of 3c59x.c which
supports 3c90x cards; this driver isn't in the standard 2.0.x kernel
sources. You can get the updated 3c59x.c file from Donald Becker's website

HOWEVER, the latest version of the driver appears to have some bugs that
are unmasked by the changes in 2.0.30. Your milage may vary. The version
in Redhat's 2.0.27 is somewhat older, so it might not have the problem.
You could try using that driver. My solution, though, was to go back to
kernel 2.0.29.

Anyway, if somebody is successfully using a 3c90x card with 2.0.30, I'd
much appreciate it if they would let me know.

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