Re: nfs and amd

Olaf Kirch (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 03:59:32 +0200 (MET DST)

Subject: Re: nfs and amd
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Michael Schulz wrote:
: But then after amd unmounts the cdrom automaticaly and the nfsd
: tries to access it again, i get the following error:
: Eimer nfsd[389]: impossible hash_path[0] value: 08060e00 e4
: 9a0508000000000000000000000000004a4214067acecb31da7800

This does not have anything to do with nfsd caching CDROM data (which
it doesn't); it is really a bad NFS file handle. I have no idea
what may be the cause of corruption; either nfsd or amd might be the one
to blame. I am not familiar with the way amd lays out its file handles,
but the above could easily be an amd handle being passed to nfsd by

Please get the latest nfsd from in
/pub/linux/okir, run it with debugging enabled and send me the
(trimmed) output.


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