nfs and amd
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 21:03:57 +0200

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I recently got the following error:
i tried to reexport via nfs an automounted cdrom and put in a
linux-installation-disk to install linux on an other machine in my local net.

So, the first time the nfsd tries to access the cdrom amd mounts it as desired.
But then after amd unmounts the cdrom automaticaly and the nfsd tries to access
it again, i get the following error:

Eimer nfsd[389]: impossible hash_path[0] value: 08060e00 e4

As far as i understand the nfsd caches parts of the cdrom an when i tries to
access the rest of the data it doesn't trigger the amd which has taken the
responsibility for the name-space of some parts of the file system.

Hmm, smbd seems to work with amd. A lot of win-goofies access the cdroms in the
linx-server without any probs.

This should be corrected somewhere. Is it the nfsd?
I' running kernel 2.0.29 (same probs on 2.0.25), nfs-server-2.2beta16,

Here is the amd-setup:
cdrom type:=iso9660;dev:=/dev/hdc;fs:=/amd/cdrom;cache:=inc,sync;opts:=ro,nodev,nosuid,noexec


.. Michael Schulz
.. NatS (Natural Language Systems), Uni Hamburg
.. pgp: finger

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