Re: 2.0.x Cyrix patch on 2.0.30

Mike Jagdis (
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 13:11:26 +0100 (GMT/BST)

On Tue, 15 Apr 1997, David A Rusling wrote:

> I built 2.0.30 + cyrix patches on my (Pentium) laptop for my home machine and it
> worked fine. Then I built what I thought was the same thing on my home
> Cyrix 686 machine and it crashes during boot. It's probably a version/patch
> skew problem, I've synchronised the source trees for both machines but
> I haven't had time to rebuild and retry...

Note that the 2.0 Cyrix patch is a semi-official offshoot of
the real patch which is development work against 2.1. The current
version is known broken with VSPM enabled with non-power-of-2
sizes of RAM (a missing pg_dir++) and may enable some less than
stable functionality on the 5x86.

(The next 2.1 version will fix things, describe Cx486 family
chips in /proc/cpuinfo correctly, recognise Cyrix M2 (if you
can find one) and use AMD's extended CPUID to get the hardcoded
CPU description on K5 and K6's. I doubt I'll find time to do
a 2.0 version but someone else might)


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