Re: SCSI Bus hanging

Doug Ledford (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 02:51:23 -0500


> DO> I have a brand new 200MHz Pentium Box with an Adaptec 2940AU Controller.
> DO> Everything works fine except that the sound module cannot find the AWE32
> DO> extension of my Soundblaster 32 board. The SCSI controller is working
> DO> without any problem. However, after I used the CD-ROM, which is a Pioneer
> DO> DRU-12x, the SCSI bus is blocked at the next reboot. Reset does not help. I
> DO> have to power off my box. Any idea what is causing this problem?

[ Snipped possibility list ]

Another that should be noted, there is a known problem with some aic7xxx
chipsets and their BIOS in relation to the SCSI CAM Plug and Play capabilities.
Check your Adaptec BIOS and try changing the setting on this option and see if
the problem goes away (most people have to turn it off, while I've heard of a
few that had to have it on).

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