Bob Tracy - TDS (
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 14:29:02 -0500 (CDT)

(To whom it should concern: whatever exploder site is handling
my linux-kernel mail, you ain't handlin' it unless you equate
not delivering it with handling it. *Please* fix this. Keeping
up with linux-kernel via the hypermail archives is frustrating.)

For kernel version 2.1.32 I note the following configuration
inconsistencies/problems... If you select "parallel port support"
(CONFIG_PNP_PARPORT), it appears that you *must* also select
"plug and play support" (CONFIG_PNP) and "auto-probe for parallel
devices" (CONFIG_PNP_PARPORT_AUTOPROBE) if what you really want
is "parallel printer support" (CONFIG_PRINTER). The documentation
strongly suggests that you must set CONFIG_PNP_PARPORT if you want
to do anything with the parallel port: fine, but I really don't
want all the PNP support. Unfortunately, all the PNP stuff has
to be enabled or I get all kinds of undefined symbols in the lp.o
driver, and it's possible to arrive at that state using several
paths :-).

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