Re: Patch for route.c

Matthias Urlichs (
10 Apr 1997 16:42:23 +0200

"Larry J. Blunk" <> writes:
> Consider a machine with an interface on Its address
> is, and it becomes neighbors with a router at The
> kernel routing table contains:
> interface-name # network route through the interface
> router-name # host route to neighbor; GATEWAY flag
> # is set.
I don't understand this. The GATEWAY flag says that the route from A to C
goes through an intermediate B. If C is in fact on the same network, then
the route through B is in error and should be deleted.

If gated does in fact enter bogus routes like these, then I suggest to fix
gated (or, more likely, its configuration), but don't hack a workaround
into the kernel.

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