2.0.30 lockup

Magnus Hiie (mgn@ekspress.ee)
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 17:19:43 +0300


My linux server has worked correctly with 2.0.27 since Christmas.
Today I installed 2.0.30 and got a lockup after 7 hours uptime.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you any information what could cause
the lockup because the blank-screen (i.e. screen-saver) was active
and no keyboard input produced results.

It was probably an oops, no error messages were in the logs.

My question is - how to get the blank screen away in a lockup/oops?

Anyway, if it is of any use to you, my system config:
100MB swap
Seagate Medalist Pro (2,5 GB) on 1st channel
2xWD Caviar 31200 (1,2 GB) on 2nd
Adaptec AHA1542 SCSI with NEC 7xCD changer and
Fujitsu 230MB MO
2xNE2000 compatible net cards

Magnus Hiie
Computers Manager
Eesti Ekspress