Re: [2.1.32] Can't read /proc (!!!)

James Nunn-Price (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 00:46:29 +0100 (BST)


> Anyone know what I need to do about this?
> Apr 8 08:00:21 earth kernel: Cannot read proc file system.
> Apr 8 08:00:51 earth last message repeated 103105 times
> Apr 8 08:01:52 earth last message repeated 210237 times
> Apr 8 08:02:54 earth last message repeated 213002 times

I have the same problem. proc is mounted ok, but it still says
it can not read and i get hundreds of the above message.

At the same time the messages appeared cron had started an updatedb for

When this job started, i also got bombarded with messages similar to the
following on the console:

_isofs_bmap: block>= EOF(2, 4096) _isofs_bmap: block>= EOF(2, 4096)

When i unmounted all 7 Cds (I have a Nakamichi 7 SCSI cd-rom changer)
all the problems with proc also went away.

Any ideas?