2.0.30 breaks ISDN

Hubert Mantel (mantel@suse.de)
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 02:02:12 +0200 (MEST)


when trying to establish an ISDN connection my machine completely locks
up. No console switching, no numlock, nothing in the log files.
This happens both with the original teles driver and with HiSax 1.5.

The problem seems to be triggered when there are two tries needed to
establish the connection. With isdnmon I can see that the system is trying
to connect using the first phone number. I still see the mouse pointer
moving under X. If the driver doesn't get connected and switches to the
next phone number, the system freezes completely. I could reliably
reproduce this problem three times within ten minutes, as it almost
everytime takes me two tries to get a connection. I do not know if the
problem appears if the first try succeeds ;-(

I did not yet try Urlichs-ISDN, but will test this tomorrow.

2.0.29 works without a problem (had uptimes of several weeks).

Hardware: P90,32MB,NCR53C810,Teles 16.0, running for almost 2 years

Hubert mantel@suse.de