Re: binary format loader cache?

Joerg Pommnitz (
Tue, 8 Apr 1997 19:11:54 -0500 (EDT)

According to Linus Torvalds:
> > Im suprised my patch to get_empty_filp() still isn't in the
> > kernel. Note that it isn't just the exec()'s the suffer from the
> > REALLY bad running time, but just about everthing is slowed fairly
> > dramtically. On machines doing lots of open()'s etc, patching
> > get_empty_filp() will give you an instant 5% improvement.
> Actually, the reason I haven't applied this is that I want something that
> goes a lot further: when a process gets an empty file structure that
> structure should be totally removed from the "available file structures"
> list), and then added back on when f_count goes back to zero. That way
> get_empty_filp() would be O(1), because it could just get the first file
> pointer on the list and _know_ that it is directly usable.

Isn't this what the SLAB allocator is designed for?

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