Re: URGENT: A Plea to the owners of

Andrew Pollard (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 03:10:42 +0100

>> The kernel developers' list has been riddled with off-topic,
>> inappropriate posts for a while now, and the trend is getting much
>> worse. This is a very real problem, especially given the
>> ....
>I think it is just as much of a mistake to tell a new user to go blow
>even if he posts his legitimate questions here. He will just as soon
>stop being a Linux user, primary developers giving acceptance and help

Basically shit happens... You can either be helpful and send mail
direct to them and say what they should be doing, or lambast them
publically on the mailing lists..... Me personally, I'm for the first

I know that I would be considered a "lurker", but I know I asked some
bloody stupid questions when I was starting out 4 yeass ago :-)

I think that the best idea is to correct them "off line" to the
mailing list and point them at any docs that you know will
help. Everyone will learn eventually....


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