Re: URGENT: A Plea to the owners of

H. Peter Anvin (
2 Apr 1997 19:29:47 GMT

Followup to: <199704021759.MAA00370@jenolan.caipgeneral>
By author: "David S. Miller" <>
In newsgroup:
> As for the offtopic'ness as of late, the past few days have been
> filled with "clueful postings" and in fact your posting here is the
> first break in that spell. Touche'
> There really isn't anything that can be "done" about offtopic postings
> (as others have pointed out) and segregating the kernel list is not
> going to happen at least as long as I run them at vger. So my
> response it going to be to setup a procmail filter so you don't have
> to look at the crapola threads...

Actually, recently the news gateway input for the kernel list has
started to receive posts from a whole bunch of the vger list, although
the subscription lists shown by "which" at vger are all correct. I
have verified that we get these messages from vger and that they are
indeed incorrectly addressed. This is a huge problem for people who
read the newsgroups.


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