Re: URGENT: A Plea to the owners of

Dave Barr (
2 Apr 1997 14:15:36 -0500

In article <199704021759.MAA00370@jenolan.caipgeneral>,
David S. Miller <> wrote:
>I think it is just as much of a mistake to tell a new user to go blow
>even if he posts his legitimate questions here.

Nobody's suggesting this. I agree new users may have legitimate
questions, but it's clear (see below) that they do not have legitimate
questions _here_. All we're asking is that they be nudged elsewhere.

>As for the offtopic'ness as of late, the past few days have been
>filled with "clueful postings" and in fact your posting here is the
>first break in that spell. Touche'

Well, to further confuse the issue with some facts, let's in fact
look at the subjects of the past 3 days, shall we?

7 1.9.1 and glibc 2.0.1 # library, not kernel related
2 login # not kernel related
2 Weird happenstance with mdrun # belongs on
2 URGENT: A Plea to the owners of
2 SLIP/PPP Login Shells # not kernel related
2 Redhat, Slackware 96 or Slackware 3.1? # not kernel rlated
2 Problems w/ time restriction in diald 0.16.1 (fwd) # belongs on diald list
2 Problem wiht libraries # not kernel related
2 Graphics programs in Xdos. # not kernel related
2 Database prog required... # not kernel related
2 Converting ascii to ebcdic, and vice versa # not kernel related
1 splitscreen # not kernel related
1 someone turned off the computer... # not kernel related
1 simple modem tool wanted # not kernel related
1 pcmcia ethernet/modem # not kernel related
1 malloc() && 2-D arrays # general programming problem, not kernel related
1 kernel_version needed, but cannot be found # ON TOPIC!
1 getty doesn't work! # not kernel related
1 diald new user # not kernel related
1 X and a S3 Virge PCI? #2 # not kernel related
1 TP755CD, linux, xf86quake # not kernel related
1 Syn flood protection? # belongs on
1 SYSV tape ioctl error # not kernel related
1 SCSI or ftape? # not kernel related
1 SCSI Cables and aha2940 # not kernel related
1 Raid0 and RH4.1 Installation. # not kernel related
1 Multiple IP's # belongs on
1 I'm interested in 32bpp # not kernel related
1 How do I partition my hard drives? # not kernel related
1 Hmmm... Actually, I think the problem is masquerading... # belons on diald
1 Heavens Gate # not kernel related
1 DHCP # not kernel related
1 Bad sectors in Linux # not kernel related
1 B-Channel usage # belongs on

Maybe you're reading a different list than I am, but for the past
few days I see one and ONLY one on-topic post. Sure, some may
be "clueful", but for another list entirely.

>There really isn't anything that can be "done" about offtopic postings
>(as others have pointed out) and segregating the kernel list is not
>going to happen at least as long as I run them at vger.

Well, that's a rather dissappointing stance.

I whole-heartedly agree with Todd Lewis's post. I'm a lurker here too,
hoping to suck off kernel insights. However kernel stuff is _only_
what this list is for. I've been a part of many lists, and unfortunately
this is a natural progression as a list comes of age (or past its age).
I recall a rather amusing post by I belive Brent Chapman (owner of
the Firewalls Digest) describing the four stages of any mailing list.

If Mr. Miller chooses not to do something, that's fine. I hope
someone takes it upon themself to volunteer and send _polite_ messages
to off-topic posters suggesting more appropriate lists for their
inquiries. It would be nice to have some sort of quasi-moderation
on this list.