Mapping non-prefetchable memory

Rakesh Dubey (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 00:13:29 -0800


I have some questions about mapping PCI device memory in Linux
2.0.x. My device requires that the memory be mapped non-prefetchable
(i.e. non-cached). I am using the vremap(phyAddr, size) to get the
virtual address but is this memory cached or non-cached? There does
not seem to be any options to control this.

Also, just to confirm this, in 2.0.x world kmalloc() returns
contiguous, same phy as virt, locked, non-cached memory -- right?

I know this will change in 2.1.X but I am debugging my driver now and
don't want to move to 2.1.x at this time.