Re: PCI ethernet cards

Carl L. Christofferson (
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 06:57:59 -0800 (PST)

I have been using the SMC EtherPower PCI card since December and have
had no problems. Since February I have been using it on a second
network that gets more traffic and it has been working fine. It uses
the CONFIG_DEC_ELCP config variable.

Jeff> I've seen posts about problems with the 3com PCI cards, but
Jeff> I havn't seen any posts about cards that are well supported
Jeff> and working.

Jeff> I have a Super P6DNE motherboard, and with only 3 ISA slots
Jeff> I _need_ to move some cards to PCI, but since all I'm
Jeff> interested in running is linux, I want to be sure that it
Jeff> works before I shell out the bucks.

Jeff> I have seen 26$ ne2k clones that are stictly plug-n-pray, if
Jeff> these work I'd be happy with that. But if I have to go high
Jeff> end, that's ok too.

Jeff> Any sucess stories at all very appreacited.

Jeff> jeff