Re: PCI ethernet cards

Scott Laird (
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 06:20:10 -0800

In message <>, "Jeff Coy
Jr." writes:
>I've seen posts about problems with the 3com PCI cards, but I havn't seen
>any posts about cards that are well supported and working.
>I have a Super P6DNE motherboard, and with only 3 ISA slots I _need_ to
>move some cards to PCI, but since all I'm interested in running is linux,
>I want to be sure that it works before I shell out the bucks.

Personally, I like Kingston's PCI Ethernet cards. NECX sells the 10
Mbit models for $42 (10base-T only) and $51 (combo). They're based on
Digital's 21041 ("tulip") PCI Ethernet chip, just like most of SMC's
PCI cards, and they work well with Linux. Plus, I've seen FTP between
a pair of these cards at over 1120k/sec before. Fast enough?

>I have seen 26$ ne2k clones that are stictly plug-n-pray, if these work
>I'd be happy with that. But if I have to go high end, that's ok too.

The NE2000 should be dead and buried. Let it die in peace.