Re: LINUX Kernel Internals

mdean (
Sat, 8 Mar 1997 01:06:54 -0800 (PST)

I am thinking of downgrading temporarily my home box to 1.2.13 since I am
not using anything new there. I am currently reading "Linux Kernel
Internals", really more than anything it useful for learining about the
structure of the system more than specific details (you can hack for that).
It is difficult with technical reference manuals of this nature -- because
unfortunately they are often written in non-english languages and then take
a great deal of time to be translated (It would be nice if there were more
english speaking/writing experts it the fields of system programming). Case in

A manual on programming the hp48s series calculator in machine code
took almost two years to translate from french, I ordered it when I
first saw
the translation offered, by the time I received it, I had already
purchased a 48g series, and most of the entry points described
were not correct.

The best solution:

Learn to read German, French, Spanish and English, and you will
probably end up a lot more informed. Or you could just hack at it, but I
admit that reading source code does suck a bit.

On Fri, 7 Mar 1997, Tom Dailey wrote:

> I am a systems programmer trying to become familiar with LINUX
> internals. I just finished looking over a book mentioned on this
> mailing list, entitled LINUX Kernel Internals. The book seems well
> organized and well written. On cursory inspection, I found chapters on
> all of the major subsystems that I would expect in any internals
> book on a contemporary UNIX-like operating system. Then I read the
> preface. This book is based on version 1.2.0 (slackware). I am currently
> using version 2.0.27. Clearly, there are differences between the two
> versions. There might well be entirely new subsystems in the newer
> kernel. My question is this: Have any of the major subsystems covered in
> the book changed so radically that the book's coverage is of no (or
> negative) value?
> The book costs $45. I would love to enrich the authors for providing
> such a possibly valuable document, but is it still valuable?
> Any advice would be appreciated,
> Tom Dailey