Re: ISS with general question of ISS

Patrick Main (
Sat, 08 Mar 1997 01:27:46 -0400


is there any place where you have some documentation
regarding the enhancements offered by the ISS patches.

I have glimpsed through patch #3 and it looks very interesting ..
I have a server i have already applied most of the MASQ patches too
but the new hashing code seems interesting.
Checked the ecsnet site for info but nothing similar is there.
just looking for a web site or some source of notes.

Final question, anybody have any experience using this on a
proxy/cache server such as suid or the harvest cache. Or entire
campus <actually only the windows machines.... about 3-4 hundred>
runs through squid. So i am nervous regarding anything which may
break the server or caching/proxy.

>This has been fixed (confirmed by my testers) and will be taken care
>of in ISS test4 which is still pending one last important bug fix.
>Than test4 will hopefully be the release of your dreams ;-)