Sound Blaster Config in 2.1.27

Mark A. Breuer (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 03:06:38 -0600 (CST)

Tonight when I was building 2.1.27 I ran into a problem when I was
configuring my Sound Blaster with make menuconfig. I have my AWE 32 set
to IRQ of 5 with doesnt effect any of my other system stuff and is
currently working fine with 2.1.26 (I haven't rebooted to 2.1.27 yet).
When I tried to change the IRQ option from 7 to 5 (7 was the default
after a make mrproper). Both IRQ's 7 and 5 returned a "Invalid Option"
message. I eventually left the IRQ at seven finished make menuconfig, and
then edited the line in .config. It seems to have worked, I was building
it into the kernel, and I got a clean zImage.

Any one else have this problem, or is it just an odity?

Mark A. Breuer
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