2.1.26-patch3: immutable scroll lock in text consoles

Trevor Johnson (trevor@blues.jpj.net)
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 23:18:56 -0801 (PST)

I have syslogd set up to output to tty24, and a little while ago I noticed
that it had quit updating the information. Looking at the keyboard, I
noticed the scroll lock LED was lit, but when I tried pressing control-Q
or the scroll lock key, nothing happened. I tried killing syslogd
(1.3-3), then restarting it, after which new logging information started
to appear, but the LED stayed lit (I don't know how to use reset, tset or
clear on a different tty, or I'd try that). Yesterday, I was logging out
from the console, and instead of mingetty starting, the screen just stayed
blank. I found that clear was running (I think I was able to kill it,
after which mingetty came up). I've had the problem with scroll lock a
couple of times while running pine as well, with earlier (but recent)

Cirrus Logic 5426-based VESA video card (2 MB)
AST KB-101 keyboard
AMD 5x86 CPU at 160 MHz
ASUS PVI-486SP3 motherboard
IDE hard disk
SB32 PnP sound card
internal v.34 Rockwell modem
AHA1542CF SCSI adaptor
Realtek 8029 Ethernet card
floppy drives

other kernel patches:
APM time.c
R. Johnson NE2000
Trevor Johnson <trevor@jpj.net>