Re: IRQ 12 collision ps/2 mouse vs. PCMCIA

Hadmut Danisch (
26 Feb 1997 18:45:13 GMT

In <5evkko$f2g@nntp.Stanford.EDU> (David Hinds) writes:

>It sounds like the i82365 driver's interrupt scanning code is not
>behaving properly. Edit the PCMCIA startup file and set:

> PCIC_OPTS="do_scan=0 irq_mask=0xefff"

>and see if that helps.

It works, now interrupt 9 is assigned to the modem, and all things
work together, but a new problem with the modem appeared:

Sometimes characters are received twice. If "abcdef" is received
through the phone line, the notebook receives "abcddef" from the