IRQ 12 collision ps/2 mouse vs. PCMCIA

Hadmut Danisch (
24 Feb 1997 19:52:48 GMT

Strange problem with a no-name PC notebook:

the pcmcia-driver (pcmcia-cs-2.9.1) assigns only interrupts 11 and 12
to the pcmcia slots, because the try_irq procedure finds out that only
these two work on the pcmcia slots.

Unfortunately the builtin ps/2 mouse also insists on IRQ 12, any
changes in drivers/char/psaux.c make the system hang a few seconds
after opening the mouse device.

This means that I never can use more than two out of
(Modem,Mouse,Ethernet) at the same time. Each of them works well, two
of them work also, the third doesn't work.

Any idea what to do?