Re: IRQ 12 collision ps/2 mouse vs. PCMCIA

David Hinds (
25 Feb 1997 21:12:56 GMT

Hadmut Danisch ( wrote:
: Strange problem with a no-name PC notebook:

: the pcmcia-driver (pcmcia-cs-2.9.1) assigns only interrupts 11 and 12
: to the pcmcia slots, because the try_irq procedure finds out that only
: these two work on the pcmcia slots.

: Unfortunately the builtin ps/2 mouse also insists on IRQ 12, any
: changes in drivers/char/psaux.c make the system hang a few seconds
: after opening the mouse device.

: This means that I never can use more than two out of
: (Modem,Mouse,Ethernet) at the same time. Each of them works well, two
: of them work also, the third doesn't work.

It sounds like the i82365 driver's interrupt scanning code is not
behaving properly. Edit the PCMCIA startup file and set:

PCIC_OPTS="do_scan=0 irq_mask=0xefff"

and see if that helps.

-- Dave Hinds