Re: IRQ 12 collision ps/2 mouse vs. PCMCIA

Hadmut Danisch (
25 Feb 1997 15:02:30 GMT

Meanwhile I found out some details about the problem:

The same hardware works well under Win95 (at least what you can call
"well" under Win95...).

Win95 assigns IRQ 9 -> pcmcia modem
IRQ 11 -> pcmcia ethernet card
IRQ 12 -> builtin ps2 mouse

pcmcia_cs_2.9.1 under kernel 2.0.29 doesn't assign IRQ 9 to the modem.

IRQ is still unused, and pcmcia_cs can get it via REQUEST_IRQ
(see try_irq() in modules/i82365.c), but the test routine inside
try_irq (forcing interrupt and testing whether it works) doesn't
accept IRQ 9.

Any idea why IRQ 9 works under Win95, but not under linux ?