Re: lilo vga=ask??

Charlie Ross (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 05:23:09 -0500 (EST)

Geez... I feel like an idiot now... That option WAS off.... heheh silly

I set my mode to 132x43 (the largest that was available... I like it... I
might just want to keep it this way... I assume vga=8 will do it? (8 is the
corresponging number to 132x43)

BUT!!! wait! theres more! I may actually have a kernel bug/wierdness/odity

Heres the problem...

I actually appear to have 43.7 lines on my screen (.7 is a guestimate) the
very last .7 of a line appears to be displaying a line in my scroll-back
buffer... I think it is the TOP line of the scroll-back buffer... although
I have not verified this for every case.. it might be somthing from a
completely different vt untill I fill my buffer...
but it is always there...

What is it?
its odd.

On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Paul Gortmaker wrote:

> >
> > For the first time since loading linux I actually have a need for my screen
> > to be bigger than 80x25.. so... I tried specifying vga=ask on the boot
> > line... it did nothing different... so I changes vga to ask in my
> > lilo.conf... and.. nothing different...
> >
> > Is there some sort of magical incantation to make this happen?
> Yes and no. With newer kernels, the vga= support is only included
> when you ask for it in the make config process. If you said no to that
> then your argument (supplied at boot or through lilo) will do nothing.
> I believe this is mentioned in the BootPrompt-Howto, but I haven't
> bothered to check as the author is an idiot and hasn't a clue. ;-)
> Paul.


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