OOPS in 2.0.28 with smb filesystem

Meino Christian Cramer (root@solfire.ludwigsburg.netsurf.de)
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 21:23:20 -0000 (???)

E-Mail: Meino Christian Cramer <root@solfire.ludwigsburg.netsurf.de>
Date: 31-Jan-97
Time: 21:23:20

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There might be a problem with modules
in kernel 2.1.24 and/or modutils 2.1.23.

I have switched on kernld support, module
version handling and modules support.

If I leave my linuxbox standing
idle for -- say -- about an hour (while I am watching
Babylon 5 or so :*), and, afterwards try to speak to
kerneld for example by trying to connect to my ISP
(using the ppp-module) it says: This kernel lacks
ppp-support. Hmmm.

If I force the include by doing insmod ppp by hand it
gives me some unresolved symbols.

But if I cd to /lib/moules/2.1.24/. and then fire up
my line to my ISP, all goes well.


Seems kerneld has forgotten where to look for modules,
while I was looking Babylon 5....

Same thing happens with the binfmt_aout-module.

...who dances with modems...