OOPS in 2.0.28 with smb filesystem

Rick Cook (cook@vs.lmco.com)
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 13:45:18 -0600

Hello all,

I upgraded to 2.0.28 (with the "getmhz" patch) from 2.0.25 yesterday. Today,
when I attempted to "ls" an smbmount'd directory (first attempt with 2.0.28),
I first got a segmentation fault, then an "infinitely" running ls (kill -9
does not kill) process with the following OOPS:

Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address c282f0fa
current->tss.cr3 = 00dae000,
*pde = 0009e067
*pte = 00000000
Oops: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[<00172507>]
EFLAGS: 00010246
eax: 00a06018 ebx: 00000001 ecx: 00000014 edx: 00000154
esi: 00a06018 edi: 0282f0e0 ebp: 0282f0e0 esp: 00940aa0
ds: 0018 es: 0018 fs: 002b gs: 002b ss: 0018
Process ls (pid: 8262, process nr: 38, stackpage=00940000)
Stack: 0282a3d8 0000002f 0000002a 0282f0e0 0017289a 00a06018 0282f0e0
00000001 00000002 0074be88 0074be88 013c7800 0000002a 00940b18
00000001 00000001 00000001 0000002f 00000000 0000002c 0000002a
Call Trace: [<0282a3d8>] [<0282f0e0>] [<0017289a>] [<0282f0e0>] [<0282a3d8>]
[<0282d000>] [<0282dfef>]
[<0011be83>] [<0011be83>] [<0011969f>] [<00119723>] [<0011959c>]
[<0010a780>] [<001106e8>] [<001105cc>]
[<0010a780>] [<0012e247>] [<0012f349>] [<00123c6a>] [<00159c8c>]
[<0015a1c4>] [<0012454a>] [<0015af60>]
[<0015b091>] [<00111598>] [<00172949>] [<02827000>] [<001753b7>]
[<02827000>] [<00175629>] [<0012c6ef>]
[<0012c5b4>] [<0010a5f5>]
Code: 0f b6 5f 1a 8b 4c 24 1c 89 99 38 01 00 00 8b 6c 24 1c 83 c5

ksymoops says (no surprise, its in smb...):

Using `/System.map' to map addresses to symbols.

>>EIP: 172507 <smb_decode_long_dirent+27/138>
Trace: 282a3d8
Trace: 282f0e0
Trace: 17289a <smb_proc_readdir_long+282/30c>
Trace: 282f0e0
Trace: 282a3d8
Trace: 282d000
Trace: 282dfef
Trace: 11be83 <filemap_nopage+ef/298>
Trace: 11be83 <filemap_nopage+ef/298>
Trace: 11969f <do_no_page+103/328>
Trace: 119723 <do_no_page+187/328>
Trace: 119723 <do_no_page+187/328>
Trace: 10a780 <error_code+40/50>
Trace: 1106e8 <do_page_fault+11c/2cc>
Trace: 1106e8 <do_page_fault+11c/2cc>
Trace: 10a780 <error_code+40/50>
Trace: 12e247 <padzero+2f/3c>
Trace: 12f349 <load_elf_binary+a95/b30>
Trace: 123c6a <getblk+3a/468>
Trace: 159c8c <inode_getblk+44/198>
Trace: 15a1c4 <ext2_getblk+b8/22c>
Trace: 12454a <__brelse+22/44>
Trace: 15af60 <ext2_find_entry+21c/2cc>
Trace: 15b091 <ext2_lookup+81/170>
Trace: 111598 <timer_bh+b8/14c>
Trace: 172949 <smb_proc_readdir+25/3c>
Trace: 2827000
Trace: 1753b7 <smb_refill_dir_cache+37/130>
Trace: 2827000
Trace: 175629 <smb_readdir+179/240>
Trace: 12c6ef <sys_getdents+97/c8>
Trace: 12c5b4 <filldir>
Trace: 10a5f5 <system_call+55/80>

Code: 172507 <smb_decode_long_dirent+27/138> movzbl 0x1a(%edi),%ebx
Code: 17250b <smb_decode_long_dirent+2b/138> movl 0x1c(%esp,1),%ecx
Code: 17250f <smb_decode_long_dirent+2f/138> movl %ebx,0x138(%ecx)
Code: 172515 <smb_decode_long_dirent+35/138> movl 0x1c(%esp,1),%ebp
Code: 172519 <smb_decode_long_dirent+39/138> addl $0x0,%ebp
Code: 17251c <smb_decode_long_dirent+3c/138> nop
Code: 17251d <smb_decode_long_dirent+3d/138> nop
Code: 17251e <smb_decode_long_dirent+3e/138> nop

Any suggestions?


Rick Cook

Work:	cook@vs.lmco.com
Home:	cookrick@ix.netcom.com