AHA-2940UW Nightmares - Mainboard & BIOS rel. Info.

Marco Bravi (marco@impchim2.ing.uniroma1.it)
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 10:59:19 +0100 (MET)

On Fri, 31 Jan 1997, Helmut Riegler wrote:
> A few weeks ago, I posted a similar message into this list. I had the
> following configuration:
> AMD 486DX400
> But: NCR53C810 SCSI controller
> EIDE + SCSI disks

Hey! I am using an ASUSTeK PVI-486SP3 with an Intel i486DX4-100

Award Modular BISO v. 4.50G

> Ok, take a look into the PCI-HOWTO. There are many tips about different
> main boards, their buggy EIDE chipsets, and how you can make workarounds.

I will be looking there for a possible workaround---I can't get a new MB
immediately. Did you find a workable solution for your former
configuration? Or did you have to fully upgrade your MB?

> I'm now using kernel 2.0.25. It has many options which you can specify at
> compile time or at the command line for different EIDE chipsets.

I am using an off-the-shelf, no-module 2.0.28---that should be OK.

> I found some information at www.suse.de (you have to understand german)
> about such problems.

I will have to get help from a german-speaking friend...

> There is a support database avaiable (probably in english too).

I hope !

> One interesting point with my problems was, that the IDE devices alone
> were working fine and the SCSI devices alone were working. But as soon as
> I accessed both at the same time, the problem appeared.


> Somebody told me that my board has problems with two busmastering devices
> (Onboard IDE + SCSI). But I haven't followed this tip since my upgrade.

Uhmm.... this mainboard is supposed to have all busmastering-capable PCI
slots (at least the manual says so...)

> Another tip was to upgrade my BIOS (shudder). I had a flash bios.

Who knows? Maybe.

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