cat /proc/ksyms OOPS, Was: umsdos, msdos and vfat segfault on insmod

Christoph Trautwein (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 10:51:33 +0100

Neil wrote:
> I am using kernel 2.1.24 (just installed today), with everything
> possible built as modules. Whenever I try to insmod umsdos, msdos,
> or vfat, I get this:

I had tha same problem and traced it down to a problem with
the ksyms.

cat /proc/ksyms GIVES A OOPS

The oops happens in kernel/modules.c
I tried make mrproper and insalled no modules. The only thing I
switched on is the ne2000 driver and nfsroot. (I need this for
Who else has this problem?