Re: USRobotics Pilot 68000 and OS in ROM, Fancy that!

Eric Youngdale (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 09:16:45 -0500

>I just got my USRobotics Pilot and noticed, this is a 68000 family CPU,
>and the OS is in ROM. Hmmm...

No, not in ROM. You can upload new OS versions into the thing
if you want/need. The model 5000 has 512K RAM, so you don't have much
to play with.

Running even a stripped down Linux/X seems out of the question
- you have to be *very* conservative about memory usage all the way
through. Still they give you enough that in principle it should be

I thought it would be pretty funny if someone wrote a Pilot
app that displayed what looked like an xterm in it, however. You
could put a message like 'connection to remote host lost', or
something like that :-).