A couple "normal user" questions..

Aaron Tiensivu (tiensivu@pilot.msu.edu)
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 11:38:18 -0500

Questions and ponderings:

I'm sure there is a reason for this being done, but I'm curious to what the
explanation is to these "quirks":


It seems that maybe those two should be combined for consistancy.. I notice
that /proc/net seems more "statistics" and /proc/sys/net is more "tunable"
features. Is that the intent?

ip_forwarding is turned 'off' as default.. if you configure in 'IP_FORWARDING',
shouldn't this probably be turned 'on' as default?

Any chance of Paul's patch to make 'unattached' interrupts say (not in use)
instead of not showing up. Does this break too many already existing programs?
[I noticed 'procinfo' didn't like it, but it was a quick hack away from doing
the right thing]

The current state that this file is, it is basically useless as far as I can
see. It doesn't contain all the references that System.map has. Was the
original intent to be able to not keep around a System.map file and have it
merely as a sym. link to /proc/ksyms?

I think the next suggestion won't go over too well, but please hear me out on
this one. :)



This would be simply the .config that was used in compilation of the kernel.
I'm sure a lot of people have kernels lying around and they don't know what
they compiled into it, and didn't keep the related .config around either. The
reason I think it should be a /proc option is that it would be an easy reminder
and a small portion of code.

That way.. for newbies to kernels, a userland program could parse /proc/config
and tell them exactly what is configured into the kernel.

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