Re: stable kernel, when?

Doug Ledford (
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 01:41:29 -0600

> Could you give me a pointer to the Linux Maintainance Program (LMP)?
> I had heard of this last year at the Linux Kongress..

Actually, the group anacronym isn't fully decided :) We called ourselves
several things for a long time, but the LMP-README file in the last
LMP kernel does indicate that we are the Linux Maintenance Project. As
for when the project is going to start work on 2.0.x, well, that's not
decided either. There is a certain amount of logic behind waiting until
Linus stops putting out 2.0.x kernels before getting to work for the simple
need of avoiding duplication of effort. Not only that, but not all of the
members of the project (mainly myself :) have made a full switch to the
2.0.x kernel series.

There is a mailing list for the lmp group. The list is primarily intended
for people working on the project in terms of coding and what not. It isn't
intended to be a general "What am I doing wrong?" list since most of the
LMP members are either busy coding up part of the kernel or running their
respective ISP. Also, bug reports can usually be handled better on the
regular channels since more people are listening. The real purpose of the
group is not to replace linux-kernel after a stable series starts being
maintained (here I am speaking of those people not using development kernels),
these users should still send bug reports, etc. to linux-kernel where most of
the various code maintainers can be found. We are simply there to take the
bug fixes found by various people on the net and incorporate them into a single
package so not everyone has to go patch hunting and apply those patches to the
last stable kernel release in order to have bugs fixed (and in some cases,
drivers updated). Anyone interested in being a part of the group or in
keeping up with the status of the project though, is welcome to send a
subscription request to with a message body of:

subscribe lmp-devel

The last part is, of course, optional. Traffic on this list is light right
now since we haven't picked up on 2.0.x yet, and really quit working on the
1.2.13-LMP kernel quite some time ago.

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