stable kernel, when?

Marc Lehmann (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 23:13:46 +0100 (MET)

I'm using the teles driver for linux, and I have observed these things:

2.0.28 compiles fine, but I end up with all sockets that were closed
staying in the CLOSE state, and whats worse: after about 20-40k
were transferred, not a single byte flows through any connection.
2.1.14 compiles fine, works fine
2.1.15-2.1.23 DOESN'T EVEN COMPILE

I applied some patches I found to the isdn-drivers in 2.1.22, and then
it compiled (obviously the isdn-driver wasn't updated since 2.1.15). but
I got the same bugs as with 2.0.28 (sockets in CLOSE state, no more
than 40k per connection)

Any ideas? I know Linus is -very- busy, but there is NOT ONE
stable kernel available, neither 2.0 nor 2.1 works
(2.0.26 was the *best* kernel since 1.3.x!)

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