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Kimon Berlin (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 15:58:37 +0100

> I downloaded the source to 2.1.22 and found no reference to enabling write
> combining in the sources. I have the documentation on how to do it, a Pentium
> Pro machine with a PCI video card and the Intel IDE accelerator.
> Are there any moves to add write combining to hardware initialisation? It is
> fairly involved (you need to find the correct physical addresses to enable,
> and then use IPI to synchronise it over all available processors). I might
> need some help with the x86 assembly language stuff (I don't use instructions
> like WMSR all that often :-), and the help of the linux-smp people will also
> be necessary.
> The necessary MTRR setup should be (taken from Pentium Pro BIOS writer's
> guide, p3-2):
> 0-640kb writeback (use a fixed MTRR)
> B0000-BFFFF write combining (banked video memory; use a fixed MTRR)
> C0000-DFFFF write back (use a fixed MTRR)
Bad idea if you have ROMs (use write-protect instead), or an ISA card that uses
buffers or memory-mapped IO (use uncached instead). All the memory from 0 to
(top of RAM) should be set by the BIOS.

> E0000-FFFFF write protect (use a fixed MTRR)
> 100000-top write back (use a variable MTRR pair)
> linear fb write combining (use a variable MTRR pair)

Some BIOSes will set the linear frame buffer, but not all. The kernel may have
to do it all by itself.

Generally speaking, MTRRs 0 through 5 are used by the BIOS, MTRRs 6 and 7 are
available to the OS.

> That would leave two variable MTRR's for us to use for other things, like
> setting up write combining for any other device that supports it. This
> configuration gives the highest possible performance on Pentium Pro machines.
> I had started upon a root-level source in C++, but found that doing this
> stuff live would probably freak out the OS, and the best way to do it is at
> hardware initialization time.
> We can also look at the write posting bit on machines with an Orion
> chipset. If it's off it would be nice to warn the user; something along the
> lines of:
> HW init: broken Orion PCIset, write posting disabled. See your hardware
> vendor for a replacement logic board.
> I'm in negotiations with HP about my HP Vectra VT 6/150 which has a broken
> Orion 450KX PCIset. I didn't pay an outlandish sum for a broken computer, and
> others shouldn't either. It took me a long time to identify the problem,
> research it, and benchmark it to HP's satisfaction. I think it is particularly
> galling that vendors can sell something that manages a paltry 5.8 MB/s cpu-pci
> throughput, particularly on high end equipment.

Interesting. What equipment are you using? If it is IO-mapped, you will get low
results no matter what, since both the CPU and chipset have high latency.

Kimon (not exactly an unbiased third party regarding the Vectra VT6)

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