PPro write combining

Andrew Vanderstock (ajv@greebo.svhm.org.au)
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 00:12:32 +1100

I downloaded the source to 2.1.22 and found no reference to enabling write
combining in the sources. I have the documentation on how to do it, a
Pentium Pro machine with a PCI video card and the Intel IDE accelerator.

Are there any moves to add write combining to hardware initialisation? It
is fairly involved (you need to find the correct physical addresses to
enable, and then use IPI to synchronise it over all available processors).
I might need some help with the x86 assembly language stuff (I don't use
instructions like WMSR all that often :-), and the help of the linux-smp
people will also be necessary.

The necessary MTRR setup should be (taken from Pentium Pro BIOS writer's
guide, p3-2):

0-640kb writeback (use a fixed MTRR)
B0000-BFFFF write combining (banked video memory; use a fixed MTRR)
C0000-DFFFF write back (use a fixed MTRR)
E0000-FFFFF write protect (use a fixed MTRR)
100000-top write back (use a variable MTRR pair)
linear fb write combining (use a variable MTRR pair)

That would leave two variable MTRR's for us to use for other things, like
setting up write combining for any other device that supports it. This
configuration gives the highest possible performance on Pentium Pro

I had started upon a root-level source in C++, but found that doing this
stuff live would probably freak out the OS, and the best way to do it is at
hardware initialization time.

We can also look at the write posting bit on machines with an Orion
chipset. If it's off it would be nice to warn the user; something along the
lines of:

HW init: broken Orion PCIset, write posting disabled. See your hardware
vendor for a replacement logic board.

I'm in negotiations with HP about my HP Vectra VT 6/150 which has a broken
Orion 450KX PCIset. I didn't pay an outlandish sum for a broken computer,
and others shouldn't either. It took me a long time to identify the
problem, research it, and benchmark it to HP's satisfaction. I think it is
particularly galling that vendors can sell something that manages a paltry
5.8 MB/s cpu-pci throughput, particularly on high end equipment.


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