Re: Linux for JavaVM

David A Rusling (
Tue, 07 Jan 1997 09:43:37 +0000

> > On a third note, is there any work being done on a binary emulatory..
> Or just make axp xterminals and use x86 for cpu servers. :)
> Seriously however, has anybody thought about binary recompliers, sort of
> like ARDI Executor does for 680x0 -> x86 (and formerly for -> AXP), or DEC
> did for VAX when they introduced the AXP? Isn't DEC doing something like
> that for Pentium -> AXP on NT these days? Maybe one of them would help?
> Brian

I suspect that you are referring to FX!32, this does on the fly translation
from X86 binary to AXP binary on Windows NT. It also does emulation. The
trouble with this is that it is pretty system dependent, the translation is
the easy bit. Applying this technology to AXP linux would not be easy.


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