2.1.14+ bootp?

Todd T. Fries (friest@acm.org)
Sat, 4 Jan 1997 09:35:36 -0600


I am having problems getting an nfsroot machine
to boot with kerels above 2.1.14... (386dx40 5mb ram) no mathco.

2.1.14 works fine
2.1.15 doesn't compile nfsroot.c
2.1.16 doesn't compile the bios32 code
2.1.17 (I am compiling now but I don't expect it to work)
2.1.20 all issue bootp requests (at least on the console it says it is)
but tcpdump -vv -i eth0 on a machine on the same coax network shows
no activity whatsoever from the machine bootp'ing after the kernel
has been tftp'ed

My hypothesis is that the 2.1.15 'routing' change isn't working well with
the bootp code. Or vica versa. Can anyone get bootp nfsroot to work on
kernels above 2.1.14?

The reason I think this is because 2.1.14 works just fine. 2.1.18 through
2.1.20 don't. Same hardware, network, computer, everything.

The strange thing is, if I hit control-alt-del it gives me a null
pointer dereference, runs kswapd, and then locks solid. No reboot.

I also have another machine that refuses to boot linux. It stops
with the 'Posix conformance testing by UNIFIX' message and freezes hard.
no numlock/capslock or anything works. 'the big red button' is the
only thing that fixes this machine. It was rebooting as soon as the
kernel was initialized until I forced it to not test for a mathco by
#if 0'ing the test in head.S ... then it came up and hung after printing
the serial driver probe info. So I removed the serial driver and now it
doesn't show anything with {alt,shift,right-alt}-<scrol-lock>. This machine
is a different 386dx40 with no mathco...bios is from datatech...and the
computer (power supply, etc) has 'dtk' all over it. Just for grins I
replaced the cpu, with another 386dx40 and the same behavior. I also
tried putting in AMI bios, but it will not even initialize the video card.
So I am thinking there is something fishy about this particular motherboard.

Suggestions on either delima?

-- Todd T. Fries .. friest@acm.org

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