Re: 2.1.14+ bootp?

Gerd Knorr (
Mon, 6 Jan 1997 11:17:01 +0100

In you write:

>I am having problems getting an nfsroot machine
>to boot with kerels above 2.1.14... (386dx40 5mb ram) no mathco.

>2.1.14 works fine
>2.1.15 doesn't compile nfsroot.c
>2.1.16 doesn't compile the bios32 code
>2.1.17 (I am compiling now but I don't expect it to work)
>2.1.20 all issue bootp requests (at least on the console it says it is)
> but tcpdump -vv -i eth0 on a machine on the same coax network shows
> no activity whatsoever from the machine bootp'ing after the kernel
> has been tftp'ed

>My hypothesis is that the 2.1.15 'routing' change isn't working well with
>the bootp code. Or vica versa. Can anyone get bootp nfsroot to work on
>kernels above 2.1.14?

Same here. Currently working around this by using an initrd which does
the network setup for NFS-Root.