Re: memory crash

Jon Torrez (
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 20:15:09 -0600 (CST)

I *think* i read somewhere, though i may have been smoking crack that day
;), that a new bash was out and did not allow "memory hogs" or "fork
bombs" to do there dirty work.

Is this true ?.

Also; a note to some who might find this interesting, there is a built in
function in bash which allows the SysAdmin to specify several settings in
memory utilization and processor utilization. This built-in function is
called "ulimit". Here is what you get when do the command specified.

root@slacker[9]:~>help ulimit
ulimit: ulimit [-SHacdfmstpnuv [limit]]
Ulimit provides control over the resources available to processes
started by the shell, on systems that allow such control. If an
option is given, it is interpreted as follows:

-S use the `soft' resource limit
-H use the `hard' resource limit
-a all current limits are reported
-c the maximum size of core files created
-d the maximum size of a process's data segment
-m the maximum resident set size
-s the maximum stack size
-t the maximum amount of cpu time in seconds
-f the maximum size of files created by the shell
-p the pipe buffer size
-n the maximum number of open file descriptors
-u the maximum number of user processes
-v the size of virtual memory

If LIMIT is given, it is the new value of the specified resource.
Otherwise, the current value of the specified resource is printed.
If no option is given, then -f is assumed. Values are in 1k
increments, except for -t, which is in seconds, -p, which is in
increments of 512 bytes, and -u, which is an unscaled number of

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