Re: Why doesn't Apache/Stronghold like Linux 2.0.x?

David N. Cicalo (
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 13:28:26 -0800

Scott J. Ellentuch wrote:
> In David N. Cicalo' own words (And I ">_") :
> >
> >
> > This problem was reported to Apache on the 3rd of December and the
> > problem is supposedly fixed in 1.2b1 (if you dare). :-)
> >
> How is it being fixed in Apache when by alot of indications its
> the socket handling of the kernel? (I have the problem in 2.0.22)
> Thanks, Tuc
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Visit Apache web site and do a search in the bug database. You'll
notice an entry there made on Dec 3, about child processes running away
grabbing huge amounts of cpu ressources. You can also look into Deja
news and do a cross platform search on Apache and problem and you'll
notice that AIX ad NT as well as Linux users have posted very similar
symptoms (hence the none kernel issue). You may draw your own
conclusions. We have experienced this problem since Linux v1.2.13 and
are now at v2.0.24 and still the problem occurs. As well if you've been
following this thread, someone suggested removing the STATS and INFO
modules which we are currently testing. To be continued...

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