Re: memory crash

Stuart Auchterlonie (
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 08:26:42 +1100 (EST)

[code snipped]

> This is not a kernel error, it is a configuration error. If you don't
> want this to happen, set up process limits, memory limits, and CPU
> usage limits. You can do this in /etc/profile and /etc/csh.cshrc, but
> I recommend the lshell package available from sunsite somewhere under
> /pub/Linux/System since it gives a more consistent interface to the
> problem and works with every login shell. (sorry I can't be more
> specific). Please respond to comp.os.linux.setup as this is off-topic
> for the kernel mailing list.
> Cordially,
> Sumner

I believe that the original poster was trying to point out that the
kernel has not got any hard limits to stop you from destroying the box.
If you look at Ultrix it returns an error when you try and start up
another process when you haven't got the resources to run it, regardless
of any per user limits set in software. When the kernel reaches a point
where it needs to swap but cannot, it should stop return an error to the
process, and the box will continue to run. Currently all you end up with
is a hung machine. :)

Keep hacking everyone.
Stuart Auchterlonie